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    Sample Unattend.txt for W2k3std


      I'm new to OS provisioning and I am following Best Known Method for Provisioning-Unattended Install LD88, but for W2k3std on LDMS 9. Maybe because its Monday, but I'm having a bit of a hard time understanding what I should be putting into the unattend.txt. Does anyone have a working one that I could have a look at? I've tried running the setupmgr but I don't think its giving me what I need.

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          Once the LANDesk sample provisioning templates are downloaded and imported, there are samples that can be exported. Alternatively, if you wanted to see one that was attempting to be used in a WinPE environment, go to X:\ldprovisioning and find the 00000#_#.cfg file. Can be helpful to identify what is missing and where to fix it.