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    Silent Install IIS 7




      I am new to LDMS9 and am attempting to create a distribution package for silently installing IIS 7 onto a Windows 7 PC.


      I have found a MS article which describes the process to install silently (http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/133/using-unattended-setup-to-install-iis-70/) using Start /w pkgmgr.exe /iu:update1;update2


      I am having difficulties in understanding how I could apply this command to distribute the package.


      As the command uses an executable, do I use an Executable package or do I use another type of package?


      Also, how do I call this, the pkgmgr.exe is an internal exe on Windows 7, so do I have to store this file on the LDMS server?


      Any help would be greatly appreciate with this as I have other software which will require some similar treatment.


      If I need to provide any further infromation please let me know.





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          zman Master

          So the easy answer is you can create a batch file to do what you want and then call the batch file. This same methodology can be used with any of the scripting languages (Vbscript, Autoit, etc...) LANDesk wants to use a non-internal exe file that can be browsed to. You can also use the ldrunner trick that it uses to call vulscan when it remediates vulnerabilities. However, I like the increased flexibility of using scripting.