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    PXE boot with WinPE cant find SATA driver




      Im using LD 8.8 with SP4. got a PXE rep on another server and its working correctly.

      When im trying to boot into WinPE menu with a Dell Optiplex 745 it finds the network driver but the SATA driver cannot be found.

      Ive tried everything i can think of, i have:


      Added all the possible SATA drivers for the 745, (its a ICH8 controller) into the Winpe image, ive copied the modified image to the PXE rep and named it peboot.img as it should be.

      Ive edited the  txtsetup.oem files to specify just the correct controller.

      Ive set the SATA disk in Legacy mode in BIOS.

      Updated BIOS to newest version.


      Nothing works..



      i get this "error" message in the WinPE menu screen.


      DiskPart was unable to open or read the script file.

      Make sure the file you specified exits.

      "There is not an available hard disk, or the hard disk driver is not loaded.

      Please inject the proper hard drive controller drivers.

      The steps to inject drivers into the WinPE image file can be found at http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2158"

      Press any key to continue....