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    Doesn't Landesk Antivirus come with Spyware scan?


      I was following a bkm for spyware configuration, which took me into Agent Configuration, and under Security there's suppose to be "spyware", which was not on my list. We currently have licenses for Management Suite and Landesk Antivirus? Are we suppose to have a license also for Landesk Security Suite to be able to scan for spyware? Who can I call to get this figured out?

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          LANDave SupportEmployee

          Here is the situation:


          Security Suite includes LANDesk Antispyware that is based on the Lavasoft engine.   You can turn on or off the specific spyware definitions that you want to scan for.   In general this Antispyware is more all-encompassing and configurable than the Antispyware included in LANDesk Antivirus.   Management Suite itself does not include Antispyware, the full Security Suite is necessary.



          LANDesk Antivirus also includes spyware scanning.   This option is configured by checking the option "Scan for risky software in addition to viruses" within the LANDesk Antivirus settings General tab.


          "Risky Software" covers a large gamut of malware.   This can also include items such as VNC Viewer, etc.