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    Provisioning WebServiceCall Error (provisioningwebsvc.cpp)


      Hi guys..


      This is my first time playing with provisioning since last year.. I built out my template and I decided to go ahead and give it a try... Well before it could even show the menu I  get the following error:



      Loading template...





      CORE: 500, HTTP Error

      CORE: 500, HTTP Error




      Execute result:



      CORE: 500, HTTP Error




      Where is the ProvisioningWebSvc.cpp File located...?




      In the ldprovision.log file I see a ldprovision.exe: exception catched in main: code=80001500H, file = .\provisioningWebSvc.cpp, line=612



      Also in the launch.log I see the test for the httpclient in program files\landesk\shared files fails... Although It exists on the core.. ?



      IIS is working fine and Service pack 2 is applied to the core.. Any ideas?





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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          ProvisioningWebSvc.cpp file is not located anywhere.


          It is a code file and only exists before the code is compiled.


          So you if are getting this error, it coming from the DLL or EXE that used that file as part of the code.


          You really want to go to IIS and under the default web site, under LANDesk\ManagementSuite\Core\ you will have two Provisioning Web Services.  They should have an ICON that look like a gear wheel and not an ICON that looks like a folder.


          That is where the web services for provisioning are located.

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            Thanks for the quick reply.. I fixed an issue I saw with IIS although this did not fix the problem.. Any other ideas?



            Did you happen to see my other question at the end of the Time out disussion.. ?









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              You need to post more of the log file so we can see whats going on.

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                2008-01-05 00:17:18(1492-1496) ldProvision.exe:ldProvision started
                2008-01-05 00:17:18(1492-1496) ldProvision.exe:Adding variable is-pe-environment = yes
                2008-01-05 00:17:18(1492-1496) ldProvision.exe:download prerequisite files OK
                2008-01-05 00:17:18(1492-1496) ldProvision.exe:waiting for ProvisionGUI.exe to start. timeout is 10 minutes.
                2008-01-05 00:17:19(1492-1496) ldProvision.exe:ProvisionGUI.exe start OK
                2008-01-05 00:17:19(1492-1496) ldProvision.exe:Call web service GetTaskXml()
                2008-01-05 00:17:19(1492-1496) ldProvision.exe:exception catched in main: code=80001500H, file=.ProvisioningWebSvc.cpp, line=612
                2008-01-05 00:17:19(1492-1496) ldProvision.exe:report exception status
                LAUNCH LOG:
                launch_ldprovision, workingdir=x:ldprovision, corefilename=x:corename
                Test for existence of file %ProgramFiles%LANDeskShared Fileshttpclient.exe
                file %ProgramFiles%LANDeskShared Fileshttpclient.exe NOT found
                Test for existence of file x:cba8httpclient.exe
                file x:cba8httpclient.exe found
                found httpclient
                Attempt to discover core name
                Loaded core name [CORE]with sharedtech methods
                loaded corename CORE[CORE]
                Execute command --x:cba8httpclient.exe----"x:cba8httpclient.exe" -f "x:ldprovisionldProvision.exe" [http://CORE/LdLogon/Provisioning/Windows/ldProvision.exe|http://etsldna/LdLogon/Provisioning/Windows/ldProvision.exe]--
                Waiting for process to complete
                Process complete
                Process exit code:0
                Test for existence of file x:ldprovisionldProvision.exe
                file x:ldprovisionldProvision.exe found
                Execute command --x:ldprovisionldProvision.exe----"x:ldprovisionldProvision.exe" -c CORE-t x:ldprovision--
                Waiting for process to complete
                Process complete
                Process exit code:-2147478272
                launch_ldprovision completed


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                  Hi did you ever solve this? I have exactly the same issue?