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    Landesk Management gateway issues




      We are currently testing the management gateway with an outside Internet connection and we are facing very strange issues.


      I read a bit on the forums and did found out that when the remote control doen't work, restarting the Landesk remote control service makes that the computer can be taken over remotely.


      everything i tried before did not work, only restarting the Landesk remote control did work.


      The strange thing is that still some computers cannot make de Inventory, the message says that cannot connect to the core server.


      I got on other computers issues that the inventory does work but not the remote control, after i restarted the service, i have both working.


      It is normal ?


      Has it been fixed in 8.8 SP4 or in 9 ?


      What can i try or do to enable the inventory when connected thought the Management gateway ?

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          We had some strange issues when we first installed the Gateway, ended up we had to open some ports on the firewall and dmz.

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            I have passed the networking issues to my colleague since this is far above of my scope.


            What i don't really understand is why the remote fonction thought Management Gateway will always work if i simply restart the Landesk remote control service. Even worse, if i put then the Landesk agent after in direct mode and after one week, i test again in Management gateway mode, i still works.


            It is as with restarting this Landesk remote control service enables the remote control thought the gateway. evertying tested before on similar configuration did not work.


            This cannot have anything to do with the network configuration ?


            Also some other people has the same on this forums, it is even on these forums where i did find the advise to restart this service.