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    HII Driver Copying Failed


      This is an odd little issue. Not sure why this is exactly failing but I've attached the screenshot. Anyone that has some advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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          So this is odd but I discovered the issue. Of course...permissions. However, I don't fully understand the logic behind these permissions.


          Fix: Got added into the LANDesk Administrators Group.




          I was apart of the LANDesk Management Suite Group. This group had Modify permissions on: \\%coreserver%\ldmain\landesk\files  which is the location which the drivers are written to. If I went directly to the folder and created additional folders/files I had no problem. When I used the GUI interface for HII to try to inject drivers, no such luck.


          I'd appreciate if anyone could explain this one to me

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            If anyone is wondering, I located this article.




            This is a Cause/Resolution.