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    Error deploying win 7 through provisioning


      Hi All


      If anyone has ideas with this it would be much appreciated.


      I am preparing my master image for Win7. I have captured the image while it is in audit mode (have tested it with a sysprepped image and answer file too) and I am trying to deploy it to a couple of test PC's.


      If I boot into WinPE Provisioning  from the PXE menu, don't log in but instead launch a new console then manually image the PC via the command prompt the PC will image fine the commands I use are as follows:


      net use Z: \\imageX location

      net use Y: \\win 7 location

      Z:\imagex /apply y:\win7.wim 1 C:

      hack to fix a bootmgr error


      Deploys image all works fine.


      If I set exactly the same thing up in winPE provisioning it all appears to work fine but when I restart I get an error saying NTLoader file is missing.


      I have even created a bat file which I launch manually to deploy the image and it works fine but if I launch from a template gives the same results.


      Anyone have any ideas, as this is going to become and issue when I have to deploy to 1500 PC's over the summer.