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    BSOD while Provisioning LD 9.0

    giesd-ro Apprentice

      Hi @ll,


      i have a problem with provisioning.

      I want to install W7 or XP on a Lenovo M90p (Core i5), WINPE starts, loads network driver and after the message "this is provisionig" i get an BSOD.

      We have one PXE rep and on other machines Prov is working fine...


      Booting the machine into a managed PE works fine. I see the harddrive i have connection to network.


      Does anyone know what happends after the message "this is provisioning" ?

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          My first guess would be that you are missing a mass strage driver like for the sata/scsi/etc adapter. (F6 on a regular install)

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            This has been known to happen with some brand new devices from a few manufacturers.  It is related to the file cismbios.sys that is used to check if the device is vPro capable, and if so gather the AMT GUID.  If you are not using the AMT GUID as the identifier for the device (ie, you are using MAC Address or serial number) then you can safely rename cismbios.sys from the ldlogon share of the core server.  If you rename it to something like cismbios.bak then the problem should go away, and as long as the AMT GUID isn't your machine's identifier (99% of the time it's the MAC Address) there are no known negative impacts of doing this.


            Obviously this is a workaround, as there is also a bugfix submitted to resolve this issue by updating our detection file.


            Let me know if this workaround helps you.



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              giesd-ro Apprentice

              Hey ;-)


              u are the best ever !!

              Thx, it works !!

              I opened a ticket last week so i can tell the supporter he can close it.


              THX !!!

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                Glad to hear that worked!

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