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    Mapped Drives


      Hi All


      Is there a way of using LANDesk to find out what drives a user has mapped, and what the share name is?  I did see one document that wanted me to change the ldappl3.template file with a load of HKEY references. Is this the only way?


      Am using LANDesk 9 - inventory and reporting are not my greatest assets (OSD is my area), so please be patient with me!



      Dave H

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          irishmn76 SupportEmployee

          There is still the LDMS_Client.exe that has lots of other features, but one of them is bringing mapped drives back to the core as part of the inventory.  You can learn more about it here:




          Otherwise you'll need to look at adding the HKey pieces to the ldappl3.template file.

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            egarlepp Employee

            LDMS_Client doesn't play well with v9 at last check.  My suggestion is to go the LDAPPL3 route for now, it will be easier to work with and remove going forward.  LDMS_Client is not being supported presently and there is no support.  It is not worth the headache, unless someone wants to pick this project back up and begin supporting it again... The source code is there as well.  ;-)


            Maybe worth adding an ER for this, it is quite trivial but should garner a few votes.  :-)

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              Thanks for that guys, i have added the HKEY information to the ldappl3.template, but am unsure of how to push it out to the clients i have.  There was a button in 8.8 that did the job "make available to all clients", cant see it in 9.0.


              Any ideas?


              And another completly noobish question, the path that you use in ldapp3 is:

              Key=HKCU, Network\E, Custom Data - MappedDrive, Drive E:


              But if i look in the registry i cannot find a Network entry under HKCU (HKey_Current_User)



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                JBnCO Apprentice

                The button to make available to clients was in SLM prior to 9.0.  It is now in Manage Software List and an be found in Reporting/Monitoring.


                As for the Path and you not having a Network key under HKCU, that key will not exist if you don't have a mapped drive for the currently logged in user.  Verify you have a mapped network drive and check again.


                Also, I have done this in the past listing all drives from E through Z in the ldappl file.  When the user runs the scan via the run key or manually running the scan, you will get this info.  If the local scheduler runs the inventory via a schedule or when the IP changes, this runs as system and will not report back the mapped drives because the HKCU hive is not available to System for the currently logged in user.


                Hope this helps.

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                  Ironbike Apprentice

                  Getting mapped drive information is always a pain, because there are in the HKCU\Network, and only scanned by a local scan.  I made my life easier.  I created a batch that copies the mapped drive information from the HKCU to the HKLM, added that information to the Ldappl3, now I can scan the PCs as much as I need to and always have the drive info.  Depending on how much the drive mappings change or are added, you could setup the batch file to run as needed as a policy.

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                    Don't forget that the regisitry will only reveal mapped drives that are persistent.  Any mappings from daily logon scripts, etc. don't appear in the registry.

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                      zman Master

                      Might want to add this request to this ER


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                        Hey, this might be a long shot but can you post that script?