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    Sitting on Do Not Close window



      Hi all,



      I have a XPe client that has been made up and wish to create and image via LANDesk. Currently LANDesk is capturing and imaging well to other non thin client machines, but when I try to capture an image whist using a Thin Client it does not open start the imaging process. It just sits on the Do Not Touch window.   I have created a new seperate capture script but am still at a loss. Can you help please.












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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          You didn't 100% explain how your process so I am going to guess.


          1. You boot to the WinPE menu

          2. You chose a capture script you already have created.

          3. The capture script window goes away and nothing happens.


          When you say the "Do Not Touch" window do you just mean the back ground screen?


          I assume you are on 8.7 SP4?


          Ok, so the first question is, do you see the device in the LANDesk Console under All Devices? 

          Note: A miniscan should have been sent in to the Core Server and the device should either have already existed or it would show up as a miniscan and you would see the MAC address in All Devices.


          Do you see a log file on the Core Server for that task under
          CoreServer\ldlogs ?


          Basically the process that occurs when you choose the Script to run from the WinPE Menu is that the MAC address and the script GUID are sent to the Core Server via a Web Service.  If other clients are working, then we know the web service works.  But we don't know if this client is properly sending in the trafffic to the web service.  Anyway, the web service makes a call to the Core Server's LANDesk Management Agent service to start the task with that one device as the only target which it finds with the MAC address.  The device must already exist in the database, otherwise it cannot start the task.  That is why the miniscan is sent in.  If it is a new device that has never been scanned in before, when WinPE send the miniscan, the device will enter the database.  So the device should always be in the database.  You can find out if the device is in the database by doing a query for the MAC address.


          Hopefully that information will help you narrow this down and if you need further help, you can give us more info.

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            First, make sure the inventory service is running or the mini scan will never get in... As Rhyous said there should be a log ifle with an error code or a particular step that failed that will make fixinf it a lot easier. If all else fails you can open a console prompt and run some commands on the client to see if it can communucate with the core and make sure that the disk is readable, then you can send a miniscan manually too.



            Ping the core (network Stack and resolution are ok)



            For Disk Info.



            diskpart  list disk

            (Other commands from the wipeDisk0.txt)



            select disk 0
            create partition primary size=20480
            assign letter=c
            create partition extended
            create partition logical size=40960
            assign letter=d
            create partition logical
            assign letter=e



            Running a Manual miniscan



            Cd ldclient



            miniscan /nodeviceid /usemacasname