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    Inventory not showing as LD9 installed in LDMS


      I put this in another thread that was already answered, but in the hope of a quicker response and more views I've started a new thread and put some points up for grabs too.


      We have just upgraded to version 9 last week, and have started rolling out the agent via the advanced agent method. We have about 30+ sites over the UK over a WAN connection and sending the full agent out just kills the sites bandwidth so we want to avoid this, and ideally avoid having to send techies out to all these sites to do a stand alone install.


      However when I look at the inventory scans the version number for said devices in LANDesk Management - common base agent 8 is still saying version 8.8. As is the file versions of the various components of LANDesk.


      On machines where I have used the standalone installer or rolled out the full package it's reporting back as 9.0.


      The AV scan engine appears to have updated to the 8.02 (AV scan engine not to be confused with landeesk version)  version when I look at these machines. and checking a few of the .exe files on the clients in the landesk folder they also report as 9.0 version numbers.


      We have our agent config setup to do a scan on completed install, so is there any reason anyone can think of why they are still saying 8.8 on the core? As this could potentially be a problem for me when trying to track what machines have had the agent upgrade completed and which ones haven't!



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          I'm obviously missing something here.


          All my agents that I have installed fresh, or rolled out via a full agent scheduled task show as 9.01.14 in Computer.Landesk Management.Inventory.Scanner.Version.


          Anything I have updated via advanced agent still say even after a forced inventory scan. I;ve checked the files on the machines in our head office and they have the latest scan engine and the files in the landesk program files folder all have a version number of 9.01.14!!!


          It seems to me they 'have' updated but why is the inventory scan not showing this? Even after i have forced a scan.


          Is there a permission I have perhaps changed without realising that's preventing the change to be inserted into the clients registry perhaps?????? com+ applications or services?


          Any ideas?

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            If this is an in-place upgrade, have you rebuilt each of your advanced agents?


            Advanced Agents and Stand Alone agents do not get rebuilt automatically and each have to be re-created using the normal methods.


            Try this for one of them and see if it makes a difference.

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              Yes it's an in place upgrade.


              Before rolling out the advance agent, I clicked onto my default configuration (which i had confirmed already worked ok), then clicked the what looks like a truck icon to create an advance agent, set up the bandwidth options and clicked ok.


              Once this was completed I clicked the schedule a push of the advance agent config button, choose my default configuration and click ok.


              Choose my machines and let it run.


              I will do the process again, and see if it makes a difference with my laptop as i am one of the machines reporting 8.8.


              I assume this is the correct way of doing it?

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                Are you forcing a /F /SYNC of the inventory scan with a managed script or are you right clicking and running an inventory?


                My advice would be if you are not using the managed script method to edit the inventoryscanner managed script and add /F /SYNC after the /NOCD in the script and schedule that to the machines that are not showing the correct information.


                The versions are updated during a software scan but if the software scan date has already come through today then it will not sync up unless you use the /f /sync switches.

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                  Sorry been on A/L for a while after a heavy stag weekend.


                  Over a 1000 have now come back as showing version9 so i guess they are doing so slowly.


                  I will add the forced switches to my scanner scripts and see what that does also.


                  WIll report back once I have had chance to test it.