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    Unable to capture image using WinPE and Landesk 8.8 sp4


      Hi All,


      I had been using version 8.8 sp2 and could always capture images without any issues using WinPE, however, since applying the sp4 patch I can't.


      I can start the PC, choose the network boot which finds the PXE agent, it loads the RAMDisk image, then the screen with the Landesk background and the green "Go" in the bottom loads along with the WinPE menu which shows the capture script, I select it, the menu screen disappears and then nothing happens?


      I have done the following to try to troubleshoot it, but am not having any luck :


      1. Rebooted LANDesk server (worth a shot :))
      2. Used 2 seperate PC's to try to capture the image, to see if the problem was PC related (it isn't)
      3. Checked for duplicate IP's
      4. Recreated the Capture script
      5. Ensured that the unc paths hadn't changed to the image location and capture software on the script
      6. Ensured correct authentication and domain being used
      7. On the screen with LANDesk background and green "Go", opened console and checked ipconfig, ip address reported correctly
      8. In the console also checked Diskpart.exe and the correct HDD is recognised
      9. Checked that the LANDesk Inventory Service is running on the core server
      10. Nothing is reported on the log, but is attached for info.


      I have seen that there are 2 subsequent patches for LANDesk in the past couple of weeks, but don't think they apply in this instance, so haven't installed them for now.


      We haven't patched any of the LANDesk client machines, we only use LANDesk for remote connection (which does still work after SP4) and rolling out images/capturing images - again I don't think this would be an issue in this instance, because the client is uninstalled before the capture takes place.


      PC being captured is HP DC7800 minitower.


      Does anyone have any other suggestions please.