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    Inbound e-mail : alert sent when it's not working



      We activated Inbound e-mail few weeks ago mapped with a Lotus Notes V7 mailbox.

      But to be sure that all mails are logged in Touchpaper, we would like to monitor the service.


      1/ Is it possible to send an alert to a specific mailbox (not to raise user's mailbox) on a creation failure ?


      2/ When inbound service is down : are e-mails "queued" ? where ?


      3/ When configuring "Mapping" in E-mail setup, there are some settings I can't find documentation on :

                - Outbond report :

      outbond report.jpg

                - Report to mail association :

      report to mail association.jpg

      Does anybody know what is it for and how we can use it (I haven't find something in documentation or in the website) ?


      Many thanks for your help

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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          MY views ...


          1. No, but it would be a great ER to raise.  If you haven't seen enhancement already, rummage around on the enhancement request section of this portal.

          2. If the service isn't running, the emails just stay in the normal mailbox waiting to be processed.

          3. This is for enabling the feature where people send in an email with the right keyword at the front of the title (default update:).  The product then composes an email by running a particular crystal report or query and sends the results back in an email to the person who sent the email.  It is very briefly descibed on page 130 and 135 of the 732 LDSD Administrator.pdf   Personally I find self service better in terms of providing feedback to end users, but this update feature is there for mail users.