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    Duplicate entries on Reference List


      Hi, I have a reference list called Call Type.  Under Details, I specify the Incident Call Type and Incident Category it is associated to.

      I currently have Call Type: Delete and Category: Project Management.  I tried to create another Call Type: Delete and Category: Non-Project Management, however, I get an error of "An entry already exists with the specified name".  I tried manually entering and tried to import it from a spreadsheet.


      The weird thing is I have other duplicate Call Types associated to a different Category, such as Call Type: Move and Category: Project Management and Call Type: Move and Category: Non-Project Management that worked on the initial import.


      I'm using 7.3.2.


      Anyone have any ideas?




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          You might have an entry with the same name that has been soft deleted.  If you write a query against the object and tick the box in the general part of the query to allow you to see soft deleted records, then all entries should be shown.  If you do have such an entry, then you could choose a different name for your new one or contact your support team for a script to undelete the old.  My first rule of deleting is to rename first using a well known convention and then delete.


          There is an ER present which suggest managing deleted objects could be improved, so if this turns out to be your issue, you might want to vote here ...



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            Those entries were never in the database.  I called up Support and the following was the solution, well workaround since duplicates are technically not possible.  We created a leading space on the Call Type and saved it and then removed the leading space and saved again.  Now we can have two of the same Call Types but associated to different Categories.