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    cahnge order of querys tabs


      Hello together,


      Is it somehow possible to change the order of the Query subabs (Don't know if there's a correct name for that).

      What I mean is, if I click on the Tab "By configuration Item" (check attachment) I've got underneath another area where I can see additional information. By default the 1st Tab is always "Preview". Since I don't need that tab, I would like to know if I can totally remove this tab, or put the "resolution" Tab infront of it?

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          Yes in the windows manager you can select a query or collection and look at the properties.  There is one which allows you to set the display order.  By default this is 0 and so if you change these you will have better control over the order.  If you don't want that tab or query you can delete it or set other properties to not display on tab or tree and it will no longer appear.  If you have anyone in your company who has been on the Core Admin course, see if you can 'borrow' their manual as there are some worked examples in there.  (and if no-one has been on the course, I do recommend it)

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            gramsay Specialist

            Being able to not display the preview tab would be helpful.

            Also make the results "double-clickable" so that you can open the object (such as a config item) directly rather than open the parent object first.

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              Hi Dave


              Thank you for the description. Unfortunately it's not what I was exactly looking for. What I mean, is the area which is created automaticly, if you add an attribute of a "one to many" Relationship to a query, you automaticly get a subtab. I've attached another screenshot from the Query designer to show you in detail what I mean. I acutally now want to have the Tab "Groups" as 1. Tab.

              Or delete the Preview Tab as Graham suggested. Is this somehow possible?

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                Sorry I must have been asleep when I read your posting.  I don't think you can do what you are after and I suspect raising an ER would be your best route

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                  Hi Michael,


                  This could be added as an enhancement request.


                  It is possible to add fields to the preview, in your screenshot it is blank. This can be done by dragging fields such as the raise user title to the preview icon in Query and Report Designer.