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    OS deployment on encrypted hard drives


      Hello all,

      i was wondering if anybody has seen or heard of any issues with regard to deploying OS via landesk to an encrypted hard drive, we are about to place an order for a batch to come in and we were wondering if this could be a potential problem that might prevent us from imaging them? i have done a search around this topic but nothing has come up as of yet, we are using LDMS 8.7 and the os we are looking to deploy is XP.

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          We did a POC for Sophos Safeguard encryption which use to be Utimaco and we didnt have any issues with New Imaging or Reimaging. We actually used LANDesk to deploy the encryption software and launch the encryption process.


          LANDesk is partnering with Credant for Disk Encrption so I'm sure that won't have any effects on imaging as well.  I am looking forward to see it.


          But I guess to answer your question depends on how you are encrypting the drive.  We encrypt the drives after they are imaged, if you get drives already encrypted I could imagine a different scenario as doing a New image on the hard drive would most likely wipe out the MBR and other components that are encrypting the drive

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            djs Apprentice

            I have same requirement where OS need to be deployed on the encrypted drive. Based on your explanation that is possible to be performed by LDMS right?


            Please do let me know if anyone had done this before. thanks

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              Deploying an image on an encrypted drive may cause some issues.  Your imaging utility would not know where to put the files as the drives would be unreadable and un-writable.  We normally image the machines un-encrypted and then launch the encryption software once in windows.

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                djs Apprentice

                EMiranda thanks for your info