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    Config item on resolution window

    gramsay Specialist

      We want to add the config item/type to the resolution window.

      I can add the config item okay but can't find the config type. Any ideas?

      Also if there is a config item & type on the main incident window we want it to populate the resolution window. Can this be done?

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          Config type is known as Class type Graham and if you look at the Incident window attribute for CI Type you'll be able to see it's name for use in Object Designer.  BUT in order to add it to somewhere else like Problem or .... you need make some mods to your Console.Exec.Config file.  Adding this attribute, and others, used to be seen as being sensitive by LANDesk.   Now in the past I've used this feature, but the support team have rightly pointed out that it's supposed to be only used by consultants in specific circumstance, so I'd drop them a line to get the magic details.  It can be done though.