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    Windows 7 and RunAs (the sequel)


      I recently started a discussion about the same topic but incorrectly marked it as 'answered'



      Here's the original question:

      I have some packages that don't want to install as local system (AutoCAD and our GIS software for example). Up till now i used AutoIT and used the runas command to install them silently. Now we are planning to migrate to windows 7 and UAC prevents the runas command to work. Does anyone know a way to work around this issue?


      Here's the result of some testing:

      The AutoIt script I deploy now looks like this:

      (it's just an example i'm using to test this stuff. I open notepad with elevated permissions, and it requires elevated permissions to close it)


      runas("user", "domain", "password", @comspec & " /c " & "taskkill /im notepad.exe", @scriptdir, @sw_hide) 


      When i try this, the user won't get a pop-up but notepad won't close. If i try the following, notepad will close but the user gets prompted for permission.


      Script 1:

      runas("user", "domain", "password", "script2.exe", @scriptdir, @sw_hide)

      Script 2:
      run(@comspec & " /c " & "taskkill /im notepad.exe",@scriptdir, @sw_hide)


      Anyone have another suggestion?