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    DNS Issue in LDMS 8.8 SP2


      We have an issue where we are getting duplicate IP addresses for multiple Remote Users where we can no longer Remote Control the Remote Users. Eg: We have a remote user using VPN where they pick up an IP address and then when they disconnect the IP address is given to someone else. The problem occurs where the Core server still shows the original user and the new user as having the same IP address. We now show multiple Remote Users as having the same IP address and as a result we can no longer Remote Control these remote users. The Core Server does not appear to be refreshing after a Remote User gives up the IP address. Can someone offer a fix or advise for this? Thanks.

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          scots Apprentice

          We have this happen sometimes as well.  Here's what's going on:


          The IP address is updated when an inventory scan runs on a PC.  The results of the inventory scan are sent in, inserted in the database, and then the Core shows this updated information after it's inserted in the database.  So...


          PC #1 connects, an inventory scan runs, and its IP is updated.  PC #1 is powered off/disconnected.


          PC #2 connects, receives the same IP that PC #1 previously had, an inventory scan runs, and its IP address is updated.  Now you have 2 PCs showing with the same IP.


          The IP of PC #1 won't change on the Core until the next time PC #1 sends in an inventory scan, so you end up with 2 PCs showing in the Core with the same IP address until that new inventory scan comes in from PC #1.


          We can still do a remote control, but if we attempt to remote control PC #1 (even though it's no longer connected), we end up getting connected to PC #2 because it now has the IP address that PC #1 previously had.


          For whatever reason, LANDesk doesn't detect that there's more than one machine showing with the same IP address and doesn't do anything to alert you of this or automatically try to differentiate the machines via some other method (such as MAC address, machine name, or something like that) when you're trying to remote control.


          If PC #1 has reconnected and has a different IP address but the Core doesn't show that new IP address, then that means the Core hasn't received an updated inventory scan from PC #1.  If this is the case, you may need to look at your inventory scanner settings in your agent configuration and adjust how frequently and/or under which circumstances a scan runs.  There's an option in there to send in a mini scan any time the IP address changes.