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    Attachments when Resolving

    Adam Wilden Expert



      Apologies if this has been answered before but I can only find marginally releated posts.


      One of our departments is ineterested in signing up to LANDesk.


      I've created a test process for them but they want to be able to send out attachments with resolution emails.


      They have a series of about 20 documents that they currently send out using their existing system, but I can't see a way to do this in LANdesk.


      The attachment would need to be added as an action on the Resolution window or similar....


      I've spoken to them and they aren't interested in sending a separate external email, or adding an attachment to the process and sending this separately etc as this would duplicate work and be a step backwards from their existing system.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks - Adam.

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          Hi Adam,


          Is it possible to send out links to the attachements.


          If the documents are the same everytime the links could point to a location on a Web Server and be sent out in the email.



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            Adam Wilden Expert

            Hi Calvin,


            No the attachments are templates but they have unique values entered before sending (statistics and test scores sort of thing).


            I've just shown them how they could manually Send attachments but they think it's a bit primitive.


            They have raised:


            • For every call they would need to add the attachment, save it, go into it and click Send.


            • Then type the email subject from scratch, and the email body from scratch, (all of which can be prepopulated on the resolution screen or even external email clients).


            • There seems to be no way to link the sent attachment to a call number so this would also have to be typed in manually.


            • If someone responded to the emailed attachment the response would go nowhere.


            • And the call would STILL need to be Resolved anyway….


            Many thanks but I think I am not going to win this one.    


            Cheers - Adam.

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              aparker Employee

              Hi Adam,  What specifically is being entered in the attachment? Can we look to enter that data into Service Desk in the same way we capture other data and then construct an email that contains all that information as part of the resolution activity.  I know this is different to what they do now, but let's try to solve the problem using SD capabilities rather than trying to replicate what happens exactly now and we might get somewhere. Maybe we won't, but, hey, that's what makes sad people like me do what I do. :)  Andy

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                Adam Wilden Expert

                Hi Andy,


                Thanks for your reply.


                We looked at that - the problem is that some attachments need to be the actual document - they have optical marks for specialist scanners.


                And some calls they handle require a range of letterheads, or would have to be restructured later.


                Some wouldn't include attachments at all.


                Usually when we've found lacking functionality we've  been able to find a clever way around the issue, but having spent the past couple of days scratching my head I really think in this case we won't find a workable solution.  The ability to send attachments alongside call notes and resolutions is genuinely what they need.


                (Their existing product allows adding attachments to communications, as does another smaller product they and another department are jointly considering).


                I know others have asked for LANDesk to include outgoing attachment capability so I think we'll have to wait until it becomes part of the functionality. 


                Again thanks for your help.


                Cheers - Adam.

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                  afrogers Apprentice

                  Taking Andy's suggestion a step further, we implemented something similar for a procurement process we created in LANDesk, using Crystal reports in Reminders, a really useful piece of functionality.  The actual purchase order form had to be in a proscribed format, so we setup a crystal report accordingly with logos etc., the values to be inserted into the order were created in LANDesk, e.g. value, PO number etc. and the crystal report did the rest.


                  The reminder e-mail would be sent to the raise user with the PO attached as an RTF, the only manual element before this was sent off to the supplier was the insertion of an e-signature, which we couldn't figure out how to automate.


                  Hope this helps.