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    Why LANDesk Inventory Service restarts unintentionally ?


      Sometimes LANDesk coreserver sends me an alerm mail to notice LANDesk Inventory Service restart,Which I have set CoreServer to do so when the service is down.

      But I didn't hit on me the reason why the service restarted.

      I mean that the LANDesk inventory service restarts automatically though I haven't touch any settings.I'm really confused.


      When the services restarted unintentionally, some files in ldlogon directory ware updated .these files are below




      and, I checked EventLog on Coreserver but nothing was found about strange message to restart service in it.


      Does any one know why the service restarts unintentionally ? Or above phenomenon is proper action on CoreServer ?

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          can you post on the forum an export of the Application Event Log?

          I suspect that there is something to due with the LANDesk Usage Service.

          One thing you may try is to re-activate the core and see if the activation is successful.

          Kind regards,


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            Thanks your follow up.


            I attached CoreServer's AppLog around the time which Inventory Service restarted unexpectedly.(may be the time is local time,our local time +9 hour from GMT.)

            Though We have 2 Coreserver (you can see the name "CoreServer A" and "CoreServer B" in attached log file.) being in service , I wonder that both Coreserver restarted at the same time on different day.


            Does any one know What kind of occasion Inventory Service restarts automatically ?

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              have you tried to reacivate the core server? I know that may seems unrelated to your issue but please have a try.

              The files you mentioned are touched when you re-activate your license and the inventory service is restarted as well.

              Kind regards,


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                Hello Stocktrader.


                Your advice reminds me that pop up dialog which noticed us the terms of Licence around the incident.

                Everytime the dialog popped up, I pushed "OK" button but did'nt anything special.


                Is it possible to restart inventory service automatically when LANDesk checks the Licence terms ?

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                  Hello Miwa,


                  there is a relation between the restart of the Inventory Server and the licence check.

                  What you need to do is not only to acknowledge the pop up that reminds you about the licensing but you need to re-activate the core server as well.

                  Maybe your core server is trying to re-activate automatically but due to network issues (proxy configuration or other) is not able to do it automatically.

                  To find out please do the following:

                  1- From the Windows start menu click on  -> All Programs -> Landesk -> Core Server Activation

                  2-enter the credentials in the GUI if needed

                  3-Press the button Activate


                  It can take a while and at the end of the process a pop up will tell you if the activation was successful or not.

                  If the program is not able to reach the activation server directly will instruct you to send a file (will tell which and where is it) to [email protected].

                  The response email (it is only an automatic system, so do not lose time in explanations or greetings ) will instruct you on what to do.

                  Kind regards,