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    New agent push vs. vulscan /installAV









      We've just purchased the LDAV and are pushing it out with mixed results.






      - we have pushed what we are calling the "AV enabled" client out to many machines



      - in other cases we leave the old client on and run a script that uninstalls old AV and installs LDAV






      Which is better / more complete?   Running the script installs LDAV on a machine in 3 minutes or less BUT may not be as complete a solution.   Are there other benefits to installing the "enabled" client?   Installing the "enabled" client does not always seem to uninstall old AV and also takes some serious time... since it uninstalls the old client and then re-installs... lots of hard drive flashing and wait wait wait- some times over an hour before the gold shield shows up.






      Does the "enabled" client continue to try to install / repair the LDAV?















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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee


          Well all the AV settings are linked to the Agent but not part of the agent.  AV settings is its own separate XML file. 



          The AV settings that is used is the one that is configured in the agent configuration.



          So if they have "Agent SomeName" it doesn't matter how you get AV down there, AV will download and use the right AV Settings.



          So I would say that either way is complete.



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            I guess the reason I'm asking is I would assume that there would be some "self healing" functionality to a LDAV-enabled client.  But perhaps there is not?






            For example, if for some reason LDAV can't run (gold shield with red "nope" on top) does it just sit there broken?  I would expect administrative allerts, and possibly an attempt to install / re-install.   Sigh... maybe I'm looking for functionality that doesn't exist.



            If either way is the same in terms of reporting, self-healing and monitoring, then I'll push the 3-minute script rather than the entire client uninstall / reinstall.












            -B   ?:| 



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              It's been awhile since you posted this and I was curious if you had a conclusion on the best method and how well it worked out for you. I'm currently looking for the best way to uninstall McAfee VSE 7.1 bundled with an install of LANDeskAV and do it in the most timely manner. I've experienced issues with agent updates in the past as well. The gotcha seems to be the cleanup of all residual junk left behind by simply "uninstalling" McAfee.



              Thanks for any accounts or info.