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    Drivers to not appear when trying to add to the WinPE Image


      We have been setting up our LDMS9 environment and I have come across an odd issue. In my test environment when I try to add a NIC driver into the the WinPE Image it processes the image file and I see the listing of all the drivers. However in our production environment that we are building it quickly processes the image file and no drivers are listed.


      I'm concerned with this becase I've added a NIC driver for the Dell Latitude E4300 and it's not working. I know this is the right NIC driver because I used it in my test environment. I'm simply stuck waiting for IP address then the dreadful timeout.


      I did check in the D:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\landesk\vboot\drivers folder and I see a load of folders for drivers. I'm just not sure why they are not appearing in the GUI.


      Any suggestions?