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    prefered Server log files


      Hi All,

      Hopefully this will be a simple question.  We have set up a new core server and deployed the agents to the PC's. we are now using prefered servers as our way deploying applications from the local subnet. My question is... How do you know if it has pulled it down locally? where are the log files that says if it has picked up the prefered server?





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          zman Master

          %PROGRAMFILES%\landesk\ldclient\data\sdclient_taskXXXX.log. XXXX = the scheduled task id which can be obtained from the Scheduled Tasks view in the console.  You should see something like:


          Downloading file \\server\dist\open\printerchange\printerchanges.exe (JQDxtcv7IzC6tPw7XXWA2w==, 4)
          Tue, 08 Jun 2010 06:25:36 Downloading file 1 of 1 from '\\server\dist\open\printerchange\printerchanges.exe'
          Tue, 08 Jun 2010 06:25:36 Checking preferred server path \\preferred_Server\dist\open\printerchange\printerchanges.exe instead of \\ceg\dist\open\printerchange\printerchanges.exe
          Tue, 08 Jun 2010 06:25:36 Path \\server\dist\open\printerchange\printerchanges.exe was redirected to \\preferred_Server\dist\open\printerchange\printerchanges.exe


          These are client side files.

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            I have the log file off the server, and we are trying to deploy a package. only problem is, it is showing that the package is being downloaded from our Core server (which is in spain) and it should be getting the package from the local site (scotland) as we have set up preferred servers. below is the log file, can you help with were we may be going wrong? I cancelled it in the end as it was taking over 40 minutes to do the install. when looking at the preferred server file on the PC, it shows as the local server as the preferred server.