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    LDAV vs. SecureDoc









      We are pushing out LDAV and have had unexpected re-boots on ten or so client stations.  This seems to only affect our laptops and our laptops are all running SecureDoc.






      Any ideas?









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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee


          Assuming SecureDoc is software...



          Test a desktop platform that doesn't have SecureDoc?  Does it work without a reboot.  Test a similar different workstation but first install SecureDoc Install SecureDoc on a desktop platform.  Did it now reboot?



          Also, find all logs in the subdirectories of c:\program files\landesk\  and see if any of them mention a reboot or why.



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            SecureDoc is our full-disk encryption from WinMagic.  It's an awesome product and we install it on all laptops.  So when all laptops began to blue-screen and all the pc's were fine, I pretty much guessed that Kaspersky and SecureDoc were having some type of fistfight.



            Dave from WinMagic writes:


            Hi Brian,
            You are correct, we only started supporting Kaspersky from version 4.2 SR4 and later. To upgrade your version please contact your sales representative and they can send you out the links to the latest version.





            So there you are... if you are running SecureDoc and are planning on pushing out LDAV, make sure you are at SecureDoc version 4.2 SR4 or later.   4.3 is the current shipping version.



            Just so's you know!