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    Batch fed report extract


      I am curious if LANDesk can process in a batch type mode, an input file containing search items / keys, and then create an extract or report with associated LANDesk details.


      An example would be:  Providing a flat file containing 5 different ids, LANDesk would process the input and provide an extract or report to a network shared drive with all OPEN ticket information for the provided ids



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          The devil will be in the detail, but you could do this using the OpenTouch module.  This API allows you to do a whole load of LDSD operations from an external program and in particular allows you to run LDSD queries and pop the results out to a file.  Before buying that module, I'd certainly ask your local support team to confirm that the examples you have in mind can be done.  The example you give might also be possible to do using Crystal reports which you gets as part of the standard LDSD installation.