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    WinPe Err_Fail


      Hi Guys


      I was hoping you can help?


      I have been trying to sort out the PXE boot in 8.8 sp3, i've got the machines to boot to the Winpe, but I am getting a  Imaging Tool:General Failer (-1) in the results.

      Checking the Task Status the final message is


      Err_Fail 197190145 (then a time and date stamp).


      I've gone back over the Best methods PDF and rechecked everything. The Pc's boot to winpe, the cmd flashes up the server name, then vanashes, reading the docs it explains that a cmd box should open, but this never appears.


      We will be migrating to 9.0 in the next 4 months, but i need to get this sorted as we will be pushing a new image soon.





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          Looks like it's failing trying to map a drive.  Usually that indicates that the password for the account being used has changed, but the script hasn't been updated.


          Let me know if that helps.

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            Hi Mach6


            I looked into that, and checked the winpe cmd line, the pc maps the drive X and can see the winpe directory.

            I'm suspecting that it may be something to do with the PXE proxy..





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              Once you are in WinPE the PXE Rep is totally out of the equation.  At that point it is the client talking directly to the core (using the WinPE environment passed to it by the PXE Rep).


              The fact is that the line that is failing is on drvmap.exe.  That is just the same as a net use command, only the password isn't in clear text.


              Did you check both the H and I drives?  For some reason or another WinPE is reporting that it can't map the drive.  Looking at the PXE Rep would be barking up the wrong tree.


              If you think that's wrong you can manually enter in the command line and see what the results are.  That way you can get a little more output from it.

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                Aaah thats a point, its not mapping the H or the I drives, i'll look in to that.





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                  Well i've found out that the drives are indeed not getting mapped, it turned out that the password had been changed and I was not told, now everything is working fine..Sorry for the complete waste of time.



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                    Glad to hear you got it figured out!