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    Custom Data Forms


      For the last several weeks, I've been working with Custom Data forms.  This has been my only experience with LD forms.


      I was able to get to the point of distributing a form to a client, and responding to the form ( filling it out ).  So far, I've only done this to my own PC and one other.  So far, nothing has shown up in the LD db.


      For the moment, I'm working with the "Location" table, or to be more precise, the "Computer"."Location" table.  I'm trying to populate the various fields using primarily fixed combo boxes.


      The form creation goes without a hitch, as does the form distribution, the responding to it, etc.  But so far, the LD db shows no such entries.


      I tried modifying the form, so I could distribute it to myself again.  That seemed to work, as far as the mod goes, but it never seemed to "update" the form on my PC.


      Also, when I'm creating a form, in the "Edit Question" window, for the "Inventory Name", isn't this where I would enter my field, such as "Computer"."Location"."ZipCode" ?  I can enter anything, and LD doesn't seem to care.  Did I enter this incorrectly?


      Thanks in advance,



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          I created a second version of my form, removing all the quotes from the Inventory Name fields that I want to use.  I sent it to my PC, and ran it.  Then I forced an inventory scan, followed by a refresh of the db view.  I still see NONE of the data I'm trying to track.


          Anyone care to guess at just what it is that I'm missing?  I just don't know.



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            beau.gordon Employee

            Are you looking under the 'Custom Data' section of the inventory tree for that client?  That's where it will show up.

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              If I pull an inventory of my PC, none of the location data I want shows up there.


              When I create a column set which shows me the location fields I'm working with, I find my fields under Computer -> Location.  Some of the fields are Address, Building, Floor, etc.  My understanding is that since data such as this is not part of the BIOS, and therefor can't be "scanned" as such, one needs to use Custom Data Forms and ask for it.  That when the inventory scan is perfomed, this data will be uploaded from the client to the LD db.  At least...that's what I was understanding.  Perhaps I still don't understand how it's supposed to work.


              My current thinking is that if what I'm trying to do would actually work, then the "Location" branch(?) would also show up in the inventory listing.  If I'm not looking in the right place, then where is the right place?  How do I determine if my Location data is making it back to the LD db?  Or if it isn't, why it isn't?


              The Custom Data forms section in the manual has been...less than helpful...in assisting me with this.  Perhaps I'm just "dense", but it seems to me that it ought to be easier than it's turning out to be.





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                If you go to Tools - Administration - Columnset Configuration - (Right click on your Column Set) - Properties -


                Then under Computer, - Custom Data - Forms...



                Do you see your form there? You should be able to double click to see all of your custom data there.  Just double click on the fields you want and they will show up in your columnset.



                Otherwise, to just see if the data is there...Go to your device, double click it, in the inventory window, find the Custom Data field - Forms and you should see it there.

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                  Thank you...thank you...thank you.


                  It was right where you said.  And my data had indeed made it back to the server.  When I modified my ColumnSet by adding the CORRECT fields, my data showed up.


                  Thank you so VERY much.