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    Changing the wording on OK, Cancel, Save Buttons On windows


      Hello --


      I was just wondering if it's possible to change the wording on the buttons at the bottom of your incident/CR windows to something else beside OK, Cancel, and Save?





      Edit: These are for the buttons on the service portal and I believe Webdesk.

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          Hi Eric,


          There's no way to change them at the moment, please raise an enhancement request.





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            smiddleton Expert

            Bit of an old post this but as I finally cracked this for service portal running ITBM version 7.3.1 (I know not used after this version) I thought I would make a quick post with how it was done.


            The below is not required for Web Desk.


            !!!FIRST!!! Please either copy your entire service portal directory or at the very least the file your going to edit before performing any of the below. Also as I do not work for LANDesk this is very likely not going to be supported by them so if you have any issues I suggest reverting to the older files and testing to see if your issues continue as a trouble shooting step before contacting support.


            If you open the folder on your server which contains the service portal, typically this is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\serviceportal\ and go into the Modules folder.


            There is a file called IPCForms.aspx open this in a text editor like notepad.


            If you insert the below 2 javascript's at the very end of the document you will find your buttons text and position have been changed slightly.


            <script> var x=document.getElementsByTagName("input"); for (var i=0;i<x.length;i++) { if (x.item(i).type=="submit"&&x.item(i).value=="OK")
            {x.item(i).value = "Save and Close";
            x.item(i).style.width = "115px";
            x.item(i).style.marginLeft = "-40px"};} </script>
            <script> var x=document.getElementsByTagName("input"); for (var i=0;i<x.length;i++) { if (x.item(i).type=="submit"&&x.item(i).value=="Cancel")
            {x.item(i).value = "Close"};} </script>


            The buttons should now look and read as per the below image.



            The first script takes the OK button and renames it to "Save and Close" because this is longer than the default button width of 75px I have increased it to 115px,


            Now to stop it overlapping the "Cancel" button I have moved its left margin by -40 because the button sits within a span tag which is generated from the server this means it position will always be inline with the other buttons but give it the required room.


            If your processes have statuses that are read only you may also want to look at doing this with the file IPCFormReadonly.aspx as well. Please note I have not tested this as due to integration work we do not have any read only statuses on our processes .

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              Adam Wilden Expert

              Just for info,


              We are also using a javascript modification to hide the Save button on our Self Service 7.4 test envirnoment, amongst numerous other modifications.


              But it would be very useful to have all these things as built in Options because one day, I suspect, LanDesk will find a way to lock down the script (as they have with the rails files and CSS) which will be a real problem for us.


              Cheers - Adam.

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                smiddleton Expert

                Hi Adam,


                I'm currently having a new test environment built to play with 7.4 but I know from the forums that there are a number of things I don't think im gonna be too happy with.


                Others have had to use javascript to change the incident history area where there used to be a tree (which you could control what was visible).


                They wern't happy with users seeing all the automatic actions that occur from an action.


                I completely agree that all of this including the buttons wording should be configurable from within the application.


                I'm not sure how LANDesk would manage it as the javascript code can just run onload unless they can do away with tags completly, still im sure your right if they can they will .

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                  Adam Wilden Expert

                  Hi Stephen,


                  Have fun playing with the new version.


                  As you may know we eventually decided to cancel our upgrade to 7.4.


                  There are some potentially great new features but on the whole it does feel somewhat untested and generally less useful to us.


                  We spent a couple of months setting up 7.4 in our Dev enviornment and have found a fair few workarounds for the design flaws (mostly JS).


                  Currently we have a couple of key issues that LANDesk support are still looking at after which we will review our decision


                  So we'd be really interested in other people's experiences and any tweaks/solutions they may have found  (particularly anyone who has found an efficient way of making the form layout look more professional!).


                  Cheers - Adam.

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                    smiddleton Expert

                    Hi Adam,


                    Making the windows look professional is probably going to be my main concern as well, after having had a small play with Web Desk in 7.3.1 I'm not too sure how easy thats going to be when fields decide how long there going to be and seem to ignore design constraints on the window design.


                    Further to my previous post of Javascript to change the wording of the buttons, I found I still wasn't entirely happy with the window (mostly button position)


                    for those that are interested I will attach a copy of my IPCForms.aspx file which contains a set of 3 new buttons located at the top of the IPC form just to the right of the reference number.


                    I had to add 3 Javascript functions plus 3 buttons and 3 scripts to rename and resize the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Below is a screen shot of our end user window so you can see what it looks like.


                    The changes I have made are still dynamic so load according to your window form and window size. I can post the Javascript and where the file needs to be modified if anyone is particularly interested.


                    End User Window.JPG