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    Landesk v9 core server runnning out for Non-Pool Paged memory


      System: LDSM v9 on windows 2008 R2 physical server with 6gb memory.


      Issue: Non-pool paged memory on server increase and freezes server


      We have recently started the process of migrating usesr on to LDMS v9.

      I have noticed that durring the course of about 24 hours the core server becomes froozen and unusable and all management consoles stop working. I have to hard boot the server.


      Upon closer examination it seems as if the non-pool paged memory starts to gradually increase until it eventually reaches around 5.8 gb, this stops the server.

      I can not identify what is causing the issue. I tried to you use poolmon but this would not run.


      I would appreciate any feed back.

      Thank you


      Niresh Lalji