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    Software Missing From Inventory 8.8 SP3

    jpreece Apprentice

      We are on 8.8 SP3.  We are attempting to install encryption software on some of our laptops and as we install, we have a query to detect the software in inventory.  In 4 or 5 instances, we have verified that the software is installed and even has a registry stamp in hklm/software/microsoft/windows/CurrentVersion/Uninstall, but it does not show the software in the machine's inventory.  One machine we manually removed the agent and then reinstalled and it then showed the software.  Is there an easier way of fixing this?  There is one machine that doesn't even list Software as a catagory in it's inventory.  What do we do there?

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          I have the same issue with at least one machine.  Anyone have anything to try?


          I have removed the computer entry from the 32-bit console.

          I have reinstalled the agent, and that added some software to the inventory, but not all.

          I have rerun inventory with the /F /V switches.


          If there a way to delete the local db or something, so that the next scan is a full scan.