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    Trouble Provisioning with vboot


      I have used the vBoot sample provided here: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-9980


      Vboot does not seem toy be working for me. I get the vboot partition to install and it does boot into WinPE on the restart. The problem is I run a scripted install of Windows XP and on its first restart I get "A disk read error has occured. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart"


      Does anyone have any Ideas or a template for me to try. Below is my template:

      1. Make vboot dir (C:\VBoot)
      2. download iles to c:\vboot
        1. bootfile.exe
        2. lddefrag.exe
        3. cicfgmgr.vxd
        4. cindis.vxd
        5. copyfile.exe
        6. tokreplw.exe
        7. boot.img
        8. ChangeBCD.exe
        9. BCD
        10. bcdedit.exe
      3. execute ChangeBCD.exe ( C:\VBoot\ChangeBCD.exe C:\VBoot\bcdedit.exe C:\VBoot\BCD )
      4. download bootmedia.wim -> c:\boot.wim
      5. execute C:\VBoot\copyfile.exe (C:\VBoot\copyfile.exe C:\VBoot\boot.img C:\VBoot\BCD \boot\BCD)
      6. execute C:\VBoot\lddefrag.exe (C:\VBoot\lddefrag.exe C:\VBoot\boot.img)
      7. execute C:\VBoot\bootfile.exe (C:\VBoot\bootfile.exe C:\VBoot\boot.img /keep /delay )    <- Fails due to cannot run in PE enviroment
      8. wait 300sec - Fails due to cannot run in PE enviroment


      System reboots into pe

      1. remove vboot (x:\ldclient\diskinfo.exe fix)
      2. remove vboot partition (x:\ldclient\diskinfo.exe remove_vboot_partition )


      Then the script proceeds to format and script install Windows XP, but it fails as stated above on the first reboot.  Please let me know if you need any more info.