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    Inbound Email Engine


      Afternoon all,


      I've been given the task of setting up a Service Desk from scratch and was thinking about using the inbound email engine in Touchpaper.  Currently, the organisation is running 7.2.5 and at the moment (due to budgets etc) there isn't a plan to upgrade.  I know 7.2.5 has the function to enable the mail engine though the current structure that I work in won't allow me to enable it.  I am in the process of drafting a document to the management on the pro's of using this and why it should be implemented.  However I want to get my facts straight before going off and singing its praises.  If anyone uses this function or has documentation on this could they let me know.


      Thank you 

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          In terms of setup you should find details in the Administrators manual - its page 106 in the 726 version and think will be the same on 725.  If you don't have a copy then you can download this from the download tab after going in to the support portal.


          Is this of any help?