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    Making changes to closed incidents


      We've got a few (hundred) incidents that have been resolved with the wrong resolution category... Which will cause me issues when trying to report on this particular issue... and of course they've all been auto closed. 


      Question: Do I really have to reopen the incidents to make a change to the resolution category or is there another way so I don't alter the date stamp of these incidents?

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          I'm fairly sure clsoed incidents wil lhave their attributes forced to be read only, so you could ask the SI team for soem scripts to do this, but I would consider reopening stuff and closing it again.  Bulk actions should do this quite quickly and the audit trail will then represent what actually happened.  This is pretty important if you are i nvolved in any organisation that follows SOX as dablling at the back end would generally be seen as a bad thing from an auditing point of view.