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    software distribution to mac


      Hi all,


      i have some mac apps which i would install to mac os x10.5 and 10.6.

      Unfortunatly the vendor do not offer the options to create an unantended packege with the serial and install path.

      Does anyone know an another way to do this?


      for example:



      lynotype fontexplorer


      thanks in advance

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          Have you looked at a repackaging solution? Iceberg is a free packaging solution that is quite popular.

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            i have tried iceberg but unfortuntaly i can't found the solution to implement the serial in the package.

            Can anybody help me to do this with iceberg or other software?


            thanks in advance

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              There's no universial answer to this, on any platform. You basically just need to figure out where the information is stored and include that in your package. Here's what I typically do: get the program fseventer (you should be able to find this on macupdate.com), this app monitors file system changes as they occur. Install the app, with serial and updates while fseventer is running (it has play/stop buttons) to determine where all the files are put. A typical program will have the main app in /Applications, might also have some stuff in /Library/Application Support and/or /Library/Preferences. Some apps you may find also store stuff in the users Library. If the serial gets put in the users library, you willl need to write a postflight script to handle getting that file to each users home folder. Hopefully that's not the case.


              Once you determine which file the license is (and any other support files), include that in your Iceberg (or Packages, or Package Maker, etc) package build.