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    windows 7 NTLDR is missing after deployed image


      I got a problem with deploying an Windows 7 image i created yesterday.

      When i installed the clean install on a test computer i formated the drives with the system and "windows" partition that is recomended for Windows 7.

      I captured the image with imagex first (without sysprep) when it was done i syspreped the image and captured the syspreped version also with imagex.


      I created a OSD script with correct information, both for the image without and with sysprep.

      when i boot into PXE mode and choose winpemenu the winpeimage loads and the sata and network adapter works, i then choose either the image without or with sysprep and deploy it.

      Imagex starts and deploys the image to the computer, it takes about 10minutes after its done the machine tries to start up but it get stuck in boot right after bios screen and says NTLDR is missing, im using WinPE 2.1 with Landesk 8.8 SP4.


      When i list the partitions with Diskpart in another console when the image installs i cannot se the "system" partition i can only se the main partition that is the whole harddrive.

      I have mounted the image with imageX on a diffrent computer and it seems to be working that way.


      Any ideas?




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          EMiranda Expert

          with the brief time that i have messed around with imagex, i was under the impression that it does not do multiple partiton captures.  Since it was file based image operation you would have to caputure a .wim file of the system recoverypartiton, then a .wim file of the system partition.  Then to deploy you would have to create the system recovery partition and the system partition and then deploy system recovery.wim to c:\ then system to d:\  then edit BCD to boot correctly.


          That was just my experience with it, there could have been easier ways but I decided not to pursue it any further and moved to sector based imaging (which LANDesk provides) and made my life easier...

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            MrGadget Expert

            This is a old question but I had the same thing happen when I tryed Imagex imaging in Landesk ver 9.5. I am answering this because someone else may test Imagex imaging. This is what I've found in research and testing.


            Imagex is very simplistic. It only captures 1 partition. For example on a windows 7 machine you might have a recovery partition(the bootable part) and a system (has the OS on it). You can capture the OS partitiuon then capture the recovery partition making 2 seperate .wim images.


            However it is not necessary to capture the recovery partition. I only captured the system (OS) partition. In making the capture script, make sure you set it for 2 (as the C drive) and let landesk do the rest. It will capture as a .wim file.


            On the deploy side in Pre OS installation I have the following:

            Clean Drive (Remove all Partitions)

            Create Partition

            Mount Partition

            Format Partition

            Make Active Partition

            In OS Installation I had the following:

            Map to imaging tool

            Map to Image file

            Execute File- target path \\core\ldmain\osd\imagex\imagex.exe  Command Line Parameters /apply \\core\images2\hw.wim 1 c:\

            Note: I could not get Deploy Image to work so I went with Execute File.


            Somewhere I read you have to have the 100m recovery partition if you use encryption. You can add a second group of Partition Actions to make a 100M partition to have 2 partitions.


            The only reason I got into Imagex is because some of our computers have smaller harddrives within the same model and our manufacturer is replacing under warranty, with smaller then original harddrives.  You can capture with imagex on any size harddrive and put it on any size harddrive.(this is automatic, there are no switches for this.)


            Hope this helps someone else.