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    CS5 Package to a Mac


      Adobe has released their enterprise level packager for CS5. It's easy to use and I was able to make a package for CS5 in a matter of minutes however, the deployment of this PKG file doesn't want to work. I've zipped the PKG file to a file and still no luck. I've even created a DMG file and still the same error.


      The error message I receive is "Error downloading package" Return code 105.


      The Mac can hit the file via HTTP, I can run it manually but I can't get it work through LANDesk.


      Do I need to select a specific delivery method/type?

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          I have the same problem, have created the PKG, then tried both ZIP and DMG to push via http to the Mac, seems like the file transfer stops at about 2Gb, the file is 3.4 Gb.  Is there a limit on file size when pushing jobs out?

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            I have some of the same problem. I have used Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition to repackage theAdobe Master Collection 5.5. This package works if I install it manually. But when I use it through LANDeskPBD fails package code 16386.


            I can see that the zip or dmg is placed in / Library / Application Support / LANDesk / sdcache, but that's all.


            Have also tried using the default adobe master collection dmg file with the same result. For example, does the Firefox dmg file work without problem


            We use LANDesk V9


            Hope someone can give a hint on what this could be

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              zman Master

              I have moved this discussion to the Mac group so it will hopefully get more traction. Do you have any MCPs installed and what SP do you have installed. I know there were some changes to the download technology in the latest MCPs and SP3.

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                see attached image.


                Thank you for your help in advance

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                  zman Master

                  Looks like Sp3, have you opened a case up with support?

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                    have not taken it up with support yet. Just want to rule out that there is an error that I make

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                      I've been working on a method to get this installed via landesk and think I have cracked it.


                      first download the Adobe Creative Suite Deployment tool. use the correct one. if you are going to push 6 use the correct tool.

                      run the tool and create the deployment package. Copy the two .pkg out of the build folder to the root.


                      Next create a .sc install script and a uninstall script. ( you don't need to do the uninstall if you don't want too)

                      (don't use text edit use something like textwrangler) run the chmod +file.txt to save as sh, save this to the root of your build folder, you should have the pkg files and a few sub folders, ect.


                      now fire up hard drive utills and create a DMG that is just slightly larger than your adobe file if it's 4gb, make it 4.5gb.

                      Choose the guid partition and read/write, name it and create it. Copy your build to it, close it, copy to your share, test it by mounting on a mac and run the script, if alls fine, run the uninstall and remove it, testing done.


                      Now create a mac package, add the dmg and most important just use the following on the install uninstall line.


                      -exec /yourfile.sh


                      Thats it, the dmg will mount silently and install....


                      Tested on cs5, 5.5 and 6, all working.


                      Hope this helps anyone.



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