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    Failing WinPE NIC drivers for Latitude E6510 (WinPE 2.1)


      I've injected the NIC drivers for Dell Latitude E6510 into my WinPE image (boot.wim) through the wizard in the console. I've used the Vista 32bit driver called "Intel 825xx Gigabit Platform LAN Network" and redeployed the WinPE image to the PXE rep.


      When I PXE boot the client it detects the driver and it is injected successfully but no IP is obtained. The script says:


      "Timed out before aquiring an IP address.

      Failed to get localhost IP address or resolve core server name. Please check your network and try again."


      Anyone else had this problem?

      Anyone been able to work around it?


      PS: yes, the network cable is connected... ;-)