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    Win 7 HII - The Cludge


      Hi All


      I have been preparing our Win 7 build for next year and being a college we have a number of different makes and models of PC's.


      After testing on a few of these diffent models there where a couple of drivers that where missing after windows had done its standard driver installs.


      In Windows XP we could specify a line in the OEMDriverPath to the location of the driver files, unfortunately this is missing from Win7 and has been replaced with DSIM. I had a look at DSIM and found it tricky to use and the Landesk HII didnt work.


      A method I have found which has worked is to copy the inf files of the driver to C:\Windows\INF. I have set this as a task in the Post Installation OS Stage, the method I have used is:

           Map drive to map to a network share containing the drivers

           copy file to copy the drivers from said share to c:\window\inf


      When the PC runs its first boot it will look in this location for drivers and install as required.


      More testing of this is needed but so far it works well.


      Any feedback welcome, I will continue to report any issues I find.

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          EMiranda Expert

          Hi gporrit,



          Windows 7 still has the equivalent of OEMDriverPath in sysprep.  It is called Microsoft-Windows-PnpCustomizationsNonWinPE and Microsoft-Windows-PnpCustomizationsWinPE.  However i don't find it to work very well.


          DISM is a good route to go I know others on this forum have used it with succuss...what kind of problems are you having?


          I personally use dpinst.exe which is another good driver enumerating utlity.


          There was good discussing about drivers and windows 7 in this thread.




          I see you started it but Im not sure if you have read the most recent entries.