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    Software Distribution + LDMS9 + Windows 7 + UAC




      I'm just about to the point in my Provisioning building for Windows 7 where I need to begin Software Distribtion. In our environment we WILL be utilizing UAC. With this will come several challenges I can only imagine. Right now I'm looking for some advice for those of you who have done Software Distribution in a UAC enabled Windows 7 environment. How has it worked out for you and what have you had to do? I'm hoping I'm not the only person out there that has this challenge.

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          If you are running the task as localsystem it shouldn't be an issue.  Do you have packages that can't be installed as localsystem?

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            I have not yet tested this I'm just looking forward a bit. Does it matter that I use batch files?


            Once I complete the rebuilding of Provisioning for XP in LDMS9 I will start the Windows 7 software testing. If it's as easy as you say, I should be all smiles.


            I guess the reason I had asked about this was back a few months ago when I was testing Windows 7 I was having some trouble with the LANDesk Agent getting install onto a device that was using UAC. If I recall, I had to modify the GPO settings for UAC.