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    Unable to Save Process - Child Record found

    Adam Wilden Expert



      Still trying to simplify our processes and all has been going very well - removed lots of conditions etc..


      We've managed to do this on our main process until, inevitably, the last change to make, which is to reintroduce a default assignment.


      It won't let us save the process if we try to insert the assignment as shown in yellow on the image below.  We get a child record error.


      There are no open incidents at either Open, or To Be Categorised.  (We have hundreds of calls open at other stages but we've never had this error when editing processes before, unless trying te remove a status that is in use).


      Any idea how we can progress?


      (p.s. it only seems to be if we add anything at this point in the workflow, we can add the assignment earlier or later in the process with no issues but we need it to be here.


      We could make a copy of our Process but would then need to update hundreds of queries and reports!






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          Adam Wilden Expert



          I've also been asked to remove a status in our process that we no longer want to use.  As I get the same Child Record found error when I try to edit this I bit teh bullet and created a copy.


          Unfortunately I still get the same Child Record error even when editing the copy.


          I must be doing something simple wrong - we've heavily edited processes in the past with no problems.


          Any help greatfully accepted - we often have to tweak our processes and quite a lot of stuff is dependent on being able to make these changes.



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            It may be worth testing to see if removing the constraint to make the change and then adding it back works. Obviously I would recommend trying this on a test system first and then making sure that both new and existing incidents work with no issues.

            You may also find that there is more than one constraint which prevents the change. Other than that I am not sure why it would give the error as looking at the process there is no way any incident could ever be at the Open status.

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              Adam Wilden Expert

              Thanks Marcus,


              In the end we got it sorted with help from Support.


              We replaced components one by one by removing them, saving the process and re-adding them.  The Category Filled Out? condition to the left was the culprit.


              Thanks for your help.


              Cheers - Adam.