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    Database Exception: Not Enough Storage






      In our installation, the Core's application event log displays the error: "Database exception: Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.." .The core is running 8.7 SP2. I had check that the DB is on good health and run the correct maintenance scripts. However, the error is dissaperaing when we restart the inventory scanner, which it consumes something near 1.7GB of ram. Upon restrat the process ram utilization decreases to 1.0 GB.



      Can you assist and disclose more of this error?






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          I seem to remember one of the users (MikeCompton?) posted in the old forums about this. I believe he said SP4 resolved it for him. I would suggest notifying your regional LANDesk Support office and have them look into this if SP4 does not resolve it for you.



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            egarlepp Employee


            Is this the type of errors your getting:



            *Database Exception.............................Not enough storage is available to complete this




            I am still getting them on one of my cores, and it has been upgraded to sp4, so i don’t believe that is the answer.  Do you happen to know if you are running large patch jobs, utilizing Targeted Multicast acorss multiple subnets?  This problem is occurring on my European core(they have 10+ different patch languages) when they perform large patch jobs utilizing TM.  The issue, as you mentioned, is fixed when restarting the inventory service...  I have not been able to resolve it as of yet, but had my EMEA team cut down the patch jobs and that has dominished the number of times it happens...  I also have my inventory service restart every week which also has diminished the number of times..  Anybody have a fix or suggestion, i would be very interested in testing it out to finally reoslve this issue(which has been going on since 8.7 sp2)...









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              We did not manage to solve the issue yet, but we found that the inventory service is depending in a lot of files and in large environments requires a lot of resources. In our case, the Core was on a VM. So we disable the "memory ballon" option and assign a full 4 GB Ram on the VM. In addition, we manage to assign two cpu's and the problem appears randomly and rarely.



              For sure, if we stretch the core capabilities w. software distribution, we expec the error to be back. LANDesk still claims that the issue is solved in SP4 or even SP5. We will install SP4 in Q2 most probably so till then we have to live with it.






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                LANDave SupportEmployee


                It is possible this isn't a "LANDesk issue" per se.  This would be a message that SQL is sending to LANDesk.   Make sure that the disks on the SQL server have sufficient disk space free.






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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  I am of the same opinion as LANDave here - this sort of thing usually contains an error that comes from the DBMS (Database Management System) itself - and it's possible that the allocated disk-space is simply running out (or swap-space is running low).


                  I would recommend having your DBA check into this (I'm assuming you're not using MSDN) - it should be possible to determine where this is coming from (in these cases LANDesk simply picks up the error from the DBMS and puts it into the event. This is how we can determine which table/column is too short when a string that's too long is being attempted to be inserted, for instance)..


                  Furthermore, this shouldn't be related to the # of patch-jobs you're running - patch jobs talk to the WSVulnerability Web-service (all IIS) - they do not touch the Inventory Service. The only thing that talks to the Inventory service are inventory scans. Here, a weekly restart is in no way a bad thing at all ... :).


                  I hope this helps somewhat.


                  Paul Hoffmann

                  LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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                    egarlepp Employee


                    I have worked with LANDesk on this error in the past and gave up because after seroius amounts of time they couldn’t come up with an answer that was definitive except SP3 or SP4 which didn’t help at all.  We went down the SQL path and saw nothing.  We ran a SQL scan and saw nothing..



                    Anyway, the issue goes away instantly as soon as i restart the inventory service.  It could be that the patch job is utilizing any extra memory and the inventory service(over a GB of ram) then frees up some memory for the patch job..  Restarting the service BTW, stops the error from happening for the rest of the patch job which could last a day or so..  On a side note, the inventory service crashes at times during this and will restart and the error goes away that way...



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                      phoffmann SupportEmployee

                      egarlepp - it's possible that your Core Server might be somewhat short on resources.


                      There's a document which may help you in identifying/countering that, which I'm linking to here - SQL Tuning and Performance .


                      Symptoms like these have a swathe of potential reasons, and the above is just a possibility, but it certainly sounds as if your Core Server has got quite a lot to do (if the Inventory Service is indeed gobbling up to 1.7 GB of memory) - performance figures for both the Core and your DB-server might need some looking at.


                      Restarting the Inventory Service weekly is "good maintenance", but having to do so every day, on the other hand, would raise some questions from me about whether you're running into limitations of what the hardware infrastructure can cope with.


                      Remember also that there are OS-limitations based around how much memory can be appointed to applications (based on your flavour of Windows + its configuration - this too is hinted at in the document I've linked to).


                      I hope this helps.




                      Paul Hoffmann

                      LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.