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    need help preparing a disk for imaging


      So I am looking to create a provisioning template that I plan to include in future image deployment provisioning templates.  I would like this disk-prep template to wipe a hard drive clean, then lay down 2 formatted partitions of varying sizes according to variables.


      Today I have tried a template that uses a combination of actions I found on other templates.


      1)Diskpart.exe -s x:\ldclient\rmvol.txt

      -listed as "Remove all volume assignments"



      -this is an action item



      -another action item



      -yet another action item



      -surprise, another action item.



      -then 3-5 repeat a 2nd time to create and format my 2nd partition.


      This template HANGS at the 2nd instance of FORMAT PARTITION; The console window on the client reports the following:




      Disk 0 is now the selected disk.

      Partition 2 is now the selected partition.


      DiskPart successfully assigned the drive letter or mount point.

      waiting for DiskPart to complete........



      <END QUOTE>



      Nothing happens after this; the LDMS console reports that the provisioning task remains in the RUNNING state long after the client seemed to be last responding to the provisioning task.




      -can anyone suggest what I have done wrong or provide a sample template that does what I need?




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          I will add some additional information.




          The images that I plan to deploy will have 2 partitions, hence my wish to prepare the disk with 2 partitions. I will ensure that the source partitions contained in the image are smaller than what will be required on target computers.



          I tried the same provisioning task as above on a different computer and managed to get all the way through to the OS Installation portion of the template when it failed, reporting the following:


          Just before the failure; I see the following ERROR


          "Target location would overlap existing partitions"



          then the error:


          from the client console

          error:[80001803H]The action failed

          Return: 12


          from the LDMS console

          execution status:  FAILED

          Internal Status: -2147477501

          External Status: 12



          is this failure the result of having a source partition larger than a target partition?


          I checked the size of the partitions within the image and made sure the target partition was larger and then reran the task; the result was the same a 2nd time.