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    Export Provisioning Template


      Is there a way to export provisioning templates in LDMS 9? I see we can import the LANDesk samples.

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          from the 9.0 user guide:


          To export a template

               1.     Click Tools > Distribution > OS Deployment.

               2.     Select Public or My templates or one of their subgroups.

               3.     Double-click a template. In the Template view, click XML.

               4.     Click Export. Select the location you want to save the template to, and click Save.


          The file is saved as a .XTP file (XML Template Pages). If you are exporting a template containing UTF- only characters, the title will not display correctly in Internet Explorer. The non-displayable characters in the template title will appear as underscores. You can change the template title through the Save As dialog box.

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            Thanks, that got it.

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              I have over 230 templates. Is there a way to do more than on3e at a time.. After 9 SP2 my database is hosed and I fear I will need to reset the database and do not want to lose these..  exporting the templates one by one is painful.. Is there a better method?