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    Servicedesk log files help!




      We are using Landesk ITBM Console 7.2.6


      I have the following question regarding the console specific log files and how i go about "clearing it".


      The problem i have is that, our C drive has reached 93% of its capacity. 


      I have managed to clear out all user files as well as temporary files from the system yet slowly, i'm getting alerts constantly relating to the capacity of the c drive.  Our TP database resides on a different partition so does not affect the C drive.


      I was wondering how do i go about viewing and clearing the console specific log files (not the operating system event logs) as i understand that these build up over time and require housekeeping.


      Any help would be much appreciated.




      Derek Ho

      ICT Technician

      Scottish Ambulance Service

      07775 954012

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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Derek,


          The main culprit for logs filling up hard drives is the IIS logs (Internet Information Services) found under C:\Windows\system32\LogFiles\W3STC1 on Windows Server 2003 or C:\Inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC1 on Windows Server 2008.  These can all be deleted safely and logging in IIS can be switched off unless you have any specific need for keeping them.


          Hope that helps.

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            Hi Stu


            I have already checked that location and can confrim that the IIS log files are not causing the current issue.


            There is one log file in there that is about 500Kb in size.


            Since I put this question up yesterday, The C drive has filled up by a further ~700MB.


            Any further help would be much appreciated




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              karenpeacock SupportEmployee

              Hi Derek


              There are some freeware utilities you can download which will analyse a disk for you to tell you exactly which files or folders are taking up the most space - is this something you could try / have tried?


              I wonder if although the database itself is located on another drive that perhaps the sql log file is stored on the c:\ drive (normally *.ldf) or your sql backups (normally *.bak).  This is actually quite good practice for data recovery in case your other drive with the actual data file (usually *.mdf) fails.


              Best wishes


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                Hi Karen


                Just to give you an update.


                I performed 2 scans prior to raising this and only identified 3 files over 1GB in size.  These were removed but the problem continued.


                I've just used another tool to analyse the C drive and again, found nothing productive.


                By chance, I used the DOS command prompt to check for folder sizes and found that the windows temp folder was around 40GB.


                When I looked closer, there were no files bigger than 200-300MB.  What I did find was small RPT files each about 200KB each.  There were over 200,000 of these files.


                I am in the process of removing these files to free up ~40GB.  I do have a couple of questions though.


                1) Are these ITBM report files automatcally generated?

                2) If so, then what causes it?

                3) Is there a way to stop this from occuring as i understand temp files are meant to auto delete upon task completion.


                A sample file name is


                Incident {10BBADAF-AF08-4AE3-9264-E4AFFD81A9}.rpt


                The SQL Backups are backed up onto the D partition which is then backed up off-site.  These backups on the D partition is kept for 30 days.


                Thanks again for your assistance.



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                  Hi dho,

                  The files you are seeing are created by ServicePortal. Whenever you load a tab in Portal which contains a graph it generates an rpt file; these are not deleted once they are used. You can safely delete these files at any time I believe.