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    Editor Script - Access report controls via scripting


      I've created a custom report and i need to create a logic on the event AfterPrint for the Object ReportFooter via Script Engine. I didn't find any script reference but with the existing code i realized how access to a control: rpt.Sections\[SectionCounter\].Controls\[controlName\]


      now my question is, how can i obtain the list of properties (in get or/and set mode) available for each object kind? For example, how can i change the "Text field" of a "Label control"? I've tried with this instruction: rpt.Sections\[SectionCounter\].Controls\[controlName\].Text = "value";, but it doesn't work, during report creation the console raise this error:

      "DataDynamics.ActiveReports.ReportException: Report Script Compile Error on line 44 Error = 'DataDynamics.ActiveReports.ARControl' does not contain a definition for 'Text'"


      Did someone work with report designer script engine and can help me?