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    How to UNDO a scheduled task...









      I created a script that tells the local scheduler to shut down the client machine (it checks every twenty minutes to see if it's 10p and if it's after 10p it shuts the system down)...



      But I pushed it to one or two machines where the user needs the machine to stay on.  How to undo??



      Here's what I pushed out:



      REMEXEC0=<qt/>%LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\LocalSch.exe<qt/> /del /range=%quote%1001|2000%quote%
      REMEXEC1001=<qt/>%LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\LocalSch.exe<qt/> /exe=%quote%PowerOff.exe%quote% /cmd=<qt/>300<qt/> /taskid=1001  /freq=1200 /ipaddr /start=%quote%21 Dec 2007 14:35:25%quote% /tod=%quote%22|23%quote%