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    LD 9.0 SP1 Server Agend Deploy Error

    giesd-ro Apprentice



      since i have installed SP1 on our german Core Server (German Win 2008R2) i cannot deploy on ServerAgent.

      Deploying a Standard Client works fine.


      Error message in Core Server Event Log



      I will open a support all and keep u all posted...

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          giesd-ro Apprentice

          solved !!!


          Weeks ago i had a problem with WINPE on new Corei5 and Corei7 Hardware and Landesk told me to rename the CISMBIOS.SYS in the LDMAIN\LDLOGON directory.

          The Server Agent needs this file to build an Agent Package for distribution and was not able to find it.

          I thought this would be fixed with SP1...


          But i am glad it works now....