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    Dell C510 and C610 Freezes in WINPE



      Hi guys,



      when booting into winpe on the detecting network adapters screen it freezes. I've seen this happen with both gx150's and 240's and I just changed the IRQ's around and it fixed the problem. Nothing seems to fix both the C510 and C610 models. I added the new drivers into the pe Image as well.






      Has anyone else experienced this problem?



      Thanks in advance. 



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          cknott SupportEmployee


          I would look at a couple of things.  How much memory is in the box?  WinPE has problems with anything under 256 or so.  If you have added additional memory I have seen an issue where the physical memory caused issues while loading WinPE.



          Also, you can try getting the network card driver on a disk or CD, and then when WinPE boots use the F6 option and install the driver.  If it continues, then thats the issue and the driver wasnt added correctly into the image.  I have also seen where the video adapter doesnt work with some machines and an updated driver needs to be added to the WinPE image.  One option would be to create a boot CD using the Microsoft WinPE toolkit, and see if that allows you to boot into WinPE successfully.



          I have attached the doc that goes through creating a custom WinPE boot CD that includes all of the original Windows files instead of the stripped down version that LANDesk uses to keep the size of the image down.  It starts on page 12.  Use those instructions to create a boot CD to test with.



          Let me know!



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            bnelson Employee

            I had the same issues with some Dell c640's. I upped the ram to 1 gig and the issue persisted when PXE booting. I made a boot cd using the LANDesk PXE iso and booted it that way and everything worked just fine. To this day I haven't been able to pin point what it was that caused it to hang.

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              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

              When you PXE boot there is a lot more going on than if you boot of a disk.


              WinPE has been reported to have issues with certain hardware that will not work with PXE but work with Vboot or other media.  It isn't just LANDesk's WinPE image either...in all the cases I have troubleshot, we have replaced our WinPE with a base WinPE from Microsoft and with BartPE to test and they saw the same thing.  Works from a CD or a VBoot but hangs with PXE.


              Maybe it is a conflict with the amount of Memory used, or maybe the PXE information loaded into RAM that is not there when PXE does not occur. Maybe it is the RAM disk driver?


              It is difficult to know because a lot of the code (WinPE and driver code) is not LANDesk's code so we cannot debug it as easily or even at all.

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                Thanks everyone for the replies.. I ended up fixing the 150's and 240's by changing the shared IRQ setting in the bios.. The shared video card shares an IRQ with the onboard NIC.. This is not the case with the C510 and 610..ts weird.. because you would think once TFTP copies the ram image it would boot the same way as the boot cd..



                Im going to try the Boot CD.. Ill post an Update.. Thanks again. 



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                  ThomasCollignon Apprentice

                  Hi all,


                  Someone would have found a solution for the C610 (the C640 has the same sympthome ...). I have some C610 and C640 with 512 MB of RAM.